Our Impact

We are not only trying to improve the lives of our children and families who come to ask for help, but we are teaching kids how to live a healthy life and develop their abilities.

Everyone in Theodora's Center work every day to advance the science of treating the children with special needs; we deliver the highest standards of care and produce high-impact education and outreach programming.

We measure our impact by the children who were transformed by our program, and we plan our work to maximize that impact. We take our programs directly into the daily activities and our home visit program.

Served Children Over the Years

Current Plan

1) The participation of our coaches in different training sessions Behavioral Management and learning disabilities.

2) Continuing to follow the training program that is held every six months to the children and reach the goals of the center.

3) Accepting the new members in different classes in the center.

4) Providing Communications sessions to the participants in and out of the center.

5) Continuing weekly home visit trips to the children's families.

Positives & Accomplishments

1) Completed 16 communication sessions for 8 of the children admitted to the center.

2) The continuous follow up from Mrs. Hannan Nicoles the consultant of the center once a week.

3) The participation of 10 of the coaches and trainers in the retreat of the one body that was held in St. Mary Church in Road El Farag, the subject was about the ways of treatment, aids, and production.

4) The increase of participants in the center from 14 to 79.